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I'm Website Apps Developer based in Indonesia

Arista Indrajaya

Website Apps Developer (Web3 / React / JavaScript)

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Arista is a software developer and educator based in Indonesia. And now work at Pena as Software Seveloper. His recent collaboration project is called Artopologi, an NFT marketplace that integrates physical assets with a web3 environment. Arista is passionate about creating digital solutions that solve real-life problems and has a talent for launching successful products from ideation to implementation. In addition to his work in tech, Arista enjoys teaching and empowering others to learn and grow in the field. When he`s not coding, Arista loves exploring creative hobbies like writing articles and testing dev.


29 Years AgoBorn in Madiun, Indonesia
2023 - presentWorking at Pena as Software Developer
2020 - 2022Working as Frontend mentor at the well-known tech education institution in Indonesia called Binar Academy
2019 - 2022Working as Freelancer
2018Completed the Bachelor Degree of Information Technology at State University of Surabaya

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Nature, Football ⚽, Teaching, Blockchain, and Software Development

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